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Thin Tip Tweezer

Thin Tip Tweezer

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90° thin tip tweezer used for both mega volume and volume, as well as an excellent tool for spikes. Fiber tip grip, purple and pink ombre, angel number 888 engraved, with a crescent moon at the bottom end. You'll love the magic in this tweezer!

6" length

Tweezer cleaner should never be used in place of barbicide, to properly disinfect, use a barbicide container and disperse your tweezers into a barbicide / water ratio mix of 2 oz. of barbicide for every 32 oz. of water. Make sure you're pouring the barbicide INTO the water, not the other way around. Make sure you are washing with anti-bacterial soap and warm water BEFORE and rinsing thoroughly after 10 minutes dispersed into barbicide. IF you use a "tweezer cleaner" use a "glue debonder" over a tweezer cleaner, a lot of times the tweezer cleaner will have an acetone base, which is not entirely effective for all tweezers, and can also remove tweezer paint, depending.

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